eBusiness BPO, Inc. is committed to the privacy and security of your personal information that you encode in our website. In line with this, we will give you an overview of how we protect your privacy during your visit, including the type of personal information we collect from you, how the information is used, and with whom the information is shared.

We always update our site and will change any time to ensure excellent service. We encourage you to visit us in a regular basis.


You can visit this site without registering or disclosing your personal information. If you have business transactions with us we use and require passwords to protect the privacy and security of your information.

Information such as full name, home/current address, phone number, email address and other personal information is required if you are to complete an online form or request to subscribe on our products and services of eBusiness BPO, Inc., rest assured that these information will only be use for business purposes and for us to respond in your request. We guarantee you that the information you send us online is secured and will not be use for personal advantage.

The moment you visit our site, it automatically collects certain information that you use such as Internet address, Internet service provider, type of operating system, the time and date you accessed our site. We collect these information through the use of “cookie”. A cookie is a small file in the website that sends your browser to automatically store the site in your internet browser. This is technology is designed to notify us when you reenter our site. You are not required to accept any cookie we use, and you can disable cookies in your computer by just simply changing the settings in your browser. The information collected helps us identify data relating to usage and trends, address any problems with site administration, and to further improve our site.


eBusiness BPO, Inc. will not sell, trade, or give your personal information to any third party to ensure your privacy and security.

eBusiness BPO, Inc. only share personal information – with your authorization – to our suppliers, contractors and agents who perform functions in behalf of eBusiness BPO Inc. and in connection with our products and services. eBusiness BPO, Inc. will only disclose your personal information if mandated by the law or governmental authorities, this is in-connection with litigation, dispute resolution of this Statement, and if eBusiness BPO Inc. Terms of Use and Service has been violated. Again, eBusiness BPO, Inc. will disclose and receive personal information only if it is a possible sale, purchase, merger or other business related reorganization.


To protect personal information we receive, eBusiness BPO, Inc. uses certain security measures designed to guard against the loss, misuse and alteration of any information should be recognized. Rest assured that every transaction you make with eBusiness BPO Inc. is secured and will only be use for business purposes and transaction.


eBusiness BPO, Inc. has employees, suppliers and customers in many countries around the world. The management, operational and technical processes and systems used by eBusiness BPO, Inc. may involve transfer of information across borders. Regardless of where you provide your personal information, eBusiness BPO, Inc. will take steps to handle it in a secure manner in accordance with this Statement and all applicable laws.


This Statement describes the online privacy practices for eBusiness BPO, Inc. websites maintained by eBusiness BPO, Inc., LLC. It does not modify any agreements eBusiness BPO, Inc. has with our client, suppliers or other third parties.