What Business Owners Need to Know About Follow-Ups and Follow-Throughs

Vitual-assistant-for-meetingsBusinesspeople devote a ton of time to presentations to prospect clients and events that could possibly get them business. But there is one key ingredient that most of them forget: Follow-ups.

Yes, being there and making an impression is one thing. But them getting to know you more needs to take place. You wouldn’t marry someone on television just because they are good in singing. For all you know, they could have a bad habit that you can never live with. Besides, pursuit is very important. It make clients feel wanted and needed, thus giving them the idea that you would do everything in your power to produce the best result that they can ever get.

Now that you know that follow up is very important, the problem is this: Why do companies, whether intentionally or unintentionally, forget to do follow-ups? After all of those sleepless nights preparing and getting ready for events and other business opportunities, why would they not follow up on prospect clients?

One main reason is the lack of staff. Lack of people who know how to transform the business cards to data in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), lack of people to write e-mails, deliver on promises of information after the business event, etc.

So to help you with those dilemmas, here are 4 things that you could do to help yourself.

Use business cards as reminders. When you get a business card from a businessperson, it is important that right after you talk to them, you write down the information that you need to send or you need to talk to them about. Business events are only the introduction, sending them the information needed or calling them about things that needed to be thoroughly discussed is the start of the business transaction.

Hire a virtual assistant versed in your CRM program if you don’t have the staff to do so. If you lack knowledgeable people who knows the way around your CRM system, hire a virtual assistant who does and jot down things that you learned about the person and the things you need to do after the event.

Deliver on what you promised and be honest. Integrity and honesty are very important in business, especially when you want it to prosper. If you told them you would refer them to someone or vice versa, or you would send them a specific information, do it. Also, be honest with everything that you tell them. Don’t impress them with something you’re not. It will give them the impression that you could be an amazing business partner and it will show a prosperous business relationship.

Stay in touch. It is important to stay engaged. Not necessarily bug them but send them useful information say, articles you wrote. Ask them if they would like to receive an electronic newsletter. Reach out to them.



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