Why Use Call Disposition Codes in the Call Center

Why Use Call Disposition Codes in the Call Center main image

What are Call Disposition Codes? These are codes used in call centers to easily and swiftly categorize what the call is, what the call is all about, what the result of the call is and the remaining actions to be made on the company’s end. This can be of great help not just to your team but to your company in general as well, but beware, this can be tricky too. However, there are more advantages than disadvantages to it. Below are the top 7 benefits of using call disposition codes in the call center.

Keeps your entire team on the same page. Informing everyone about how a call turned out can really eat up your time. They usually relay this information through e-mails, by mouth or by phone calls. When you use disposition codes, information can be cascaded faster than ever before. They can select from a menu and can also add notes so if an agent encounters a relatively similar call, they have an idea of what to do.

Easily alert teammates to follow up. After a call that requires follow up, the agent that just got off the phone can add that as a note and the agent that needs to deliver that follow up request can be reminded of the follow up needed. It can also inform the whole team about that certain customer that needs the follow up.

Assign custom labels for an at-a-glance customer overview. You can create customized labels so your team, at one glance, can immediately identify which customer or issue you’re talking about.

Scrub call lists to remain DNC compliant. Do Not Call compliant information, like the turnout of a call above, can eat up your time just by cascading the information to everyone. When you use disposition codes, agents can just note down labels like, disconnected, fax machine, busy signal, incorrect number, inactive number, requested no contact and a lot more. So your team can save themselves the time in sending those numbers campaign ads and updates.

Create more successful calling campaign lists. List down the people who are actually interested in campaign calls and those who don’t have time for it. Disposition Codes allows you to make a whole list of people who are interested in campaign calls and those who are not and allows you to relay the information to your whole team.

Easily keep management informed. This can help you keep the bosses inside the circle. They can be part of the group where you send updated lists and information about your customers. Most importantly, they can keep track of the call records of your biggest partners.

Benefit from comprehensive reporting on call outcomes. With disposition codes, number of calls in a certain amount of time can be measured, how many of the calls resulted in a sale, answering machine, dropped call, busy signal, return, exchange, escalation to manager, transfer to tech support and a lot more. This can, basically, help you improve your whole customer service experience.


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