What Customers Expect from Support

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The first thing that you should do to elevate your customer service experience is to know what your customers expect of you. How could you live up to an expectation not said? Improve what matters to the customers. And if you fail to deliver, this can hurt the company real bad. So below are 5 things that customers most likely expect from you and your customer service. Make sure that you will absolutely nail this to bring home the bacon.

Solutions. Questions being answered and conflict resolutions. Basically, customers want answers. Primarily, the reason for a customer’s call is to bring an issue to your attention and want it resolved; most likely, immediately. But it is easier said than done, right? In order to deliver solutions, you must have the right team with the right skills. The whole process of resolving an issue requires a certain set of skills; active listening skills, effective communication skills, knowledgeable about the issue, knowledgeable about almost every solution possible and knows how to execute it. Not everyone has these skills, some can develop them over time but some just don’t have it in them. For those who have the potential to develop it and those who have it naturally in them, they must undergo constant trainings and mentoring sessions with applications.

First contact resolution. Being put on hold, waiting for the on-duty manager to help, call transfer and call backs are pretty much extremely disappointing for every customer. Without doing these things, the customer will definitely be satisfied. You can achieve this by call conferencing so if the agent on the phone is not able to resolve the issue or answer the questions, a more knowledgeable agent can catch him/her.

Speed. Waiting is agonizing. Customers are satisfied when the process of resolving issues is stress free and wait free. They need to receive a fast and reliable service because that is what they deserve. In order to deliver this, you should ensure that all your computers are in sync and all your reps will have the necessary information that they need; even relevant information about the caller.

Personalized experience. Everything is personalized nowadays. They want to be called by their name and not a general term. You need to make them feel that you know who they are and that they play an important role in the growth of your company. You need to make them feel important. This is why they want a personalized profile in your company. If you have the necessary information, calls because of repetitive issues can be not repeated anymore and you can immediately proceed with the resolution process. It pleases the customer when you make them feel like you remember them because of past interactions.

Enthusiasm. Nobody likes to talk to a sleepy, full of problems representative. Everybody wants to talk to a happy agent. Not the one who makes them feel like they are their thousandth call for the day. Make your customers feel that you are always willing and excited to hear from them and help them with anything.


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