What You Need to Know About Customer Service in a Self-Service World

What You Need to Know About Customer Service in a Self-Service World_main image

Being customer-centered is becoming difficult because companies are relying on automations and computers more and more than people. There are pros and cons for both options but the real question is not what you choose to use to connect to your customers but how many times they have brought concerns to your attention before it got settled. If your goal is to deliver quality customer service, you would want to settle issues before it even reached two times. It can be a challenge to serve your customers with quality service but these 5 tips may be able to help you.

1. Decide what your approach to automation will be. You must keep in mind that the customers come first before anything else. Your customers must easily get the service that they deserve or more. If automation will be the choice to deliver that, then that is your primary option to serve the customers. Display the perspectives and policies that your company have about automation and make sure everyone sees and knows it. Constantly inspect if the customers still get what they deserve when the machine is being used. Soon you will develop a customer-centered environment.

2. Social listening. Almost every person goes crazy when the machine doesn’t work the way they want it to. And social media provides a way for people to vent all their concerns, much more frustrations to the people involved with the company, or even to the whole social media world. Most companies don’t mind people who do this but what they don’t understand is that those people who are venting actually can impact their company’s image to the public. There are features in social media sites like reposting, sharing and retweeting that one post can have the power to reach the whole world. It’s time take notice of these posts.

3. Follow the 5 to 3 rule. Straight to the point and short; that’s what your customer service deals and exchanges must be. Extend 5 or less options to seal the deal and less than 3 minutes to pass through those 5 (or less) options. Make your customer feel you value their time.

4. Do what makes your customers happy. If they don’t get what they should with automation, then it’s time to reconsider. If your customers start to have subpar experiences, maybe it’s time for a change. Let it serve as a wake-up call to your company. When your customers notice this, you will most likely earn their loyalty and trust.

5. Know what works best for you and your clients. Know when technology works best both ways. When they’re already happy, it’s important to keep them happy. There will be times when a human to human transaction is preferred more by the customer than an automated one. It’s important to have a human alternative rather than just talking to a computer. Always keep the customers happy and you’ll be fine.


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