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Training: Key to Call Center Success

Everything starts with training. If an employee is not as competent as you expected them to be, it means that their training is not as competent as it should be. This is just one suggestion to make your call center excellent. Another way is to have constant training to update and refresh long-time employees and

11 Surefire Ways to Annoy Callers

Call center agents can make or break your success in customer service and customer experience. If you want succeed, you may want to make sure they avoid doing or saying the following to your calling customers: Telling them that you don’t deal with their issue There are callers that present a problem or issues that

What Customers Expect from Support

The first thing that you should do to elevate your customer service experience is to know what your customers expect of you. How could you live up to an expectation not said? Improve what matters to the customers. And if you fail to deliver, this can hurt the company real bad. So below are 5

Scheduling Agents: Between Risk and Return

For some contact centers, striking the right balance in giving customers the most accommodating experience and maintaining reasonable costs can be too overwhelming that often leads to a series of controversy. Lost sales, lost loyalty, and a lack of agent management are among the many of these issues. So predicting demand and staffing to match

3 Steps to Handling Irate Callers

In business, customer complaint is inevitable, and yet although it is considered to be a negative thing, having had a customer get back to you because he or she is wronged is already a favor. Why? Because most people would not take the time to come back to still do business where they were wronged.Once


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